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Welcome to the Official Tribute Website of America's Funniest Pickpocket Ricki Dunn. I first met Ricki while I was on tour with Chuck Jones and Company as part of the Australian tour with International Entertainment Ltd. In the following years and a few more tours Ricki and I became good friends and I would visit him in either LA or Las Vegas where he would show me moves from his book while I transferred it from his 'typewriter' to computer. His legacy is the four decades of people who will never forget the time they saw Ricki Dunn. His legacy is the hundreds of magicians he encouraged and inspired.

This website would not be possible without the encouragement from Gene McCarthy from International Entertainment who not only booked me on those tours many years ago but also gifted me the domain name and for his continued support. Another thank you to Norm and Lupe Nielsen who have done such an amazing job with publishing Ricki's book and for their continued friendship and supplying the photos for this website. A final thank you to David Avadon for allowing me to use some of his material from his amazing essay that appeared in Genii Volume 62, no. 70 and again in the Ricki Dunn book.

Paul Romhany

"Early on in his career, Ricki found a piece of advice in the Sphinx which he considered so strikingly valuable that he committed the lines to memory. The writer suggested that magicians study the very best singers, dancers and entertainers, study their pacing, their staging and the excitement they generated, because if a magician is to find a place on the stage, reasoned the writer, he must be able to compete with these slick stars."

Copyright Paul Romhany 2007